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playground area


playground area surrounded by trees

Throughout the Hethwood Community we have a total of 7 playgrounds with various play structures that are enjoyable for all ages. The Playgrounds are located in areas that are easily accessible no matter where you live in the community.

All of our playgrounds are surfaced with rubber mulch to help create a safer play surface than with typical playground surfaces. Also, they are located near other amenities that Hethwood offers so no matter where you are you can find fun for the whole family. Our playgrounds are inspected weekly but if you are out and about and notice something in need of attention please contact the Hethwood Foundation Office at (540) 552-5252.

playground area


  • Beside the Huntsman Pool, Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts
  • Behind the 1500 building
  • On Heather Dr. across from the Hethwood Market and Dog Park
  • Between the 12900 and 12800 Buildings beside the picnic area and trail access
  • Off of Stroubles Creek Rd. beside our picnic and gazebo areas
  • At the end of Mt. Vernon Ln. beside our trail
  • At the end of Lancaster Dr.