Hethwood Updates

Town of Blacksburg Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas tree collection is available to all town of Blacksburg refuse and recycling customers. Collection will occur during the first two weeks of January. Trees that are collected will be chipped and used as an alternate fuel source.

Collection Guidelines:

  • Place your cut tree at the curb no later than 7:00am on Monday of the second week in January to ensure pickup.
  • Trees and greenery must be free of all decorations and wire.
  • For more information, please email recycle@blacksburg.gov or call (540)443-1200

Stroubles Mill Neighborhood News

Our Luminaries are scheduled for Sunday, December 10th with a rain date on Monday, December 11th. Thanks to all homeowners for the well-groomed lawns and beautiful gardens throughout summer. Hope all of you enjoyed looking at the crepe myrtle on Hethwood Boulevard. As you drive up and down the Hethwood Boulevard, please look out for people walking in the street.

-Waldon Kerns, VP of SMNA

Satellite Dishes

The FCC allows for the residents of planned communities to install direct broadcast satellite dishes. Before installing any satellite dish, we request you complete a Notice of Intent to Install and Antenna. The form as well as information regarding installation size and location can be printed from the Hethwood website or picked up at the Hethwood office. Once this is filled with the Hethwood Foundation you are free to carry out installation, unless for some reason the size or location does not conform to applicable standards.

Blacksburg Rescue Squad Winter Pond Training

Please note: We have offered the use of our pond to the Blacksburg Rescue Squad. When our pond freezes you may see the rescue squad completing pond rescue drills. This could be completed several times during the winter months. The area will be clearly marked with emergency vehicles and signage stating that it is a only a drill. If possible we will try to send notice in advance depending on the weather and the Squad's ability to let us know in advance.

Hethwood Snow Removal Policy

With winter approaching we thought it would be good to reiterate our snow removal policy. Our policy for snow removal does not differ from that of the Town of Blacksburg's where streets, sidewalks and roadways are priority after a heavy snow fall or ice storm. The trails are second priority in this policy as they are not intended to be primary routes for travel. Our crew will work on snow/ice removal in the community and begin work on our trail system as soon as they are able in the event of a snow storm. Until that point we ask that you use caution if using the trails, especially in heavily shaded areas.

As a general reminder, please stay off the pond. As the ice thickness can vary you are putting yourself at risk if you venture out onto the ice. If you see someone on the ice feel free to advise them to slowly step off of the ice. Your help is appreciated in this matter. If you feel that they are in danger please contact the local emergency services. All trails and amenities are used at your own risk.