Transfer of Privilege Form

If you are renting your home or townhome and wish to transfer your recreational priveleges (for a period of not less than 30 days) to renters living in your home, please complete the lower portion of this form and return it to the Hethwood Foundation office. This form is to be filed out and with each change of residents.

Policy regarding the transferring of recreational priveleges states: Hethwood Foundation recreational priveleges lie solely with the deeded owner(s) of the property. If the owner does not live on the property, they may transfer their priveleges to the occupants. The owner must notify the Hethwood Foundation office in writing of their intention to allow the current resident to use the privelege. The owner then forefeits priveleges to the renters. it is the homeowner's responsibility to complete a Transfer of Privelege Form as renters change.

Fitness Center keys are issued to an OWNER (upon request) with completed Fitness Center Agreement. It is the owner's responsibility to transfer their key to the renter. Owners are ultimately responsible for the return of the key.

Hethwood membership dues (due by May 1st to CFM) must be paid prior to obtaining pool pins and use of amenities. Please allow 7 days for mail processing.

Disclaimer: Effective August 8th, 2016 the Hethwood Foundation will no longer allow a Transfer of Privileges for any period less than 30 days. Owners/Property Managers will also be required to furnish the Hethwood Foundation with a copy of the lease for the property.

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