Pool Information

Hethwood has two great swimming pools for your enjoyment!

Huntsman Pool
2631 Sheffield Dr.
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Briarwood Pool
2210 Tall Oaks Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Pool Hours:

Huntsman Pool
Monday—Thursday: 11am-6pm
Monday—Thursday: (Lap Swim) 6pm-7pm
Friday—Sunday: 11am-8pm

Briarwood Pool
Monday—Saturday: 11am-9pm
Sunday: 11am-8pm

Look for our pools to open Memorial day 2017!

Please keep an eye out as this schedule is subject to change. Any changes will be posted at the pools.

Photo ID’s are required when entering the pool. For all pool patrons 16 years of age and above.

Exception- Any adult with no photo ID at all, may get a pool pin. A picture ID can be obtained from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles for a nominal cost.

Pool Pin Registration is needed for persons under 16 years of age without a picture ID.

Please note that Hethwood dues must be paid prior to being issued pool pins. Renters from Haymarket Square, Chowning Place, and any of the Hethwood detached homes need to have a current Transfer of Privileges on file with the Hethwood office. Please check with the owner or management company to be sure they have sent one on your behalf.

  • A parent or legal guardian must register for the pins.
  • New pins are issued annually; a replacement pin is $2.00 and in non-refundable.
  • Pool pins must be worn on the bathing suit when at the pool.
  • Pool pin registration will not be available at the Hethwood office to allow for the Hethwood staff to accomplish their daily responsibilities during the normal business hours.

Pool Pin Registration: Pins will be available at both pools when the pools are open.

Guests &Passes

All guest must be accompanied and registered by a resident. Residents will be allowed to entertain up to three guests on any one day. Conduct of the guest is the direct responsibility of the resident. Guests are subject to the rules that apply to the residents. Guest fees are $4.00 at the pool gate. See $3 discount pass information below. Children ages 2 and under are free.

Yellow Passes

Yellow discounted guest passes are $3.00 each and must be pre-purchased at the Hethwood Foundation office. Residents may purchase as many yellow passes as wanted throughout the current season. The yellow pass is valid for one visit per one guest during the current season.

Orange Passes

Orange discounted guest passes are $3.00 each and must be pre-purchased at the Hethwood Foundation office. Allows for one resident to entertain up to 6 guests pending availability of lifeguards. This pre-purchased pass requires a designated day and pool that the resident and their guests will be attending. This allows us to evaluate staffing for a larger than average bather load at a particular pool. These passes will be limited when our lifeguards return to school/college.