News from the Director

Start this year off right by setting goals in increments you can achieve, be realistic, write down your goals and talk about them out loud to enforce them, don’t be hard on yourself for small slips and keep trying! Our Hethwood Community has all that you will need to get back in shape after the holidays and all the wonderful meals that go with it. Take advantage of our 5 miles of trail and get out and make it part of your routine to take an evening stroll or jog. This time could not only help with you physical health, but also with you mental health by letting the days stress fade away with the pounds. We hope that the amenities that Hethwood provides will benefit all of our residents in a positive way.

While out doing inspections in the neighborhood, it is not our intention to offend any of our residents. These inspections can benefit homeowners by providing a fresh perspective while looking at your property and will help create maintenance plans for the property. Our homes are our biggest investment so let’s all work to continue keeping our properties looking great in 2017 as we continue to work together to make Hethwood the most desired neighborhood in Blacksburg. We can start by looking at projects around our properties that could benefit from a little TLC, such as storage buildings, landscaping or tree removal, making plans to pressure wash our siding and decks and planning for landscaping in the spring when we escape the winters chill. Some things we will be keeping a watchful eye on while performing inspections is the proper storage of your recreation equipment, such as bicycles, boats, kayaks, etc. These should be neatly stored in your garage or storage building and not left in your yard or driveway.

One of our projects that we will be working to complete this month is to update our photo archive for all of the homes in Hethwood. We typically try to complete this project annually; however with changing exteriors it is important for our files to remain up to date. You may notice us walking through the neighborhood and taking photo of your home, do not be alarmed, this will simply be used as a reference tool for our office and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Hethwood office. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation while we continue to update our files.

As many of you have established a New Year’s resolution, the Hethwood staff has many New Year’s resolutions as well - we want 2017 to be one of the best years on the books! We are also working hard to plan some new and exciting activities across the board.

With the winter chill comes the opportunity to possibly enjoy a little time in the snow and we love to see the various snow creations all around the neighborhoods. Keep an eye on the website to see if we snapped a photo of your snowy concept to be featured online. As a very important winter reminder (see additional information inside), please remember NO ONE is allowed in or on the pond for any reason. Even when the pond may appear to be frozen over, there is no way to check the thickness and consistency of the ice. Please do not risk your safety. Along the same lines, we ask that no one throw rocks into the pond. Not only does this create a weaker “shoreline” by removing the border, but it also costs Hethwood and ultimately each resident. It creates a budget expense as we may have to dredge the rocks out of the center and reinforce the bank. We have also agreed to allow Blacksburg Fire and Rescue to conduct training at our pond when it has frozen over. Please see inside for details. Thanks for your help in this matter!

We would like to thank all of you that participated in the holiday decorating this year. It was truly a sight that spread the holiday cheer throughout Hethwood. We would like to say a big thank you to the Stroubles Mill neighborhood again this year for their wonderful luminaries display. I hope you were fortunate enough to be able to take a drive through the neighborhood and check out the breath taking luminaria display. It was not only Stroubles Mill that was spreading holiday cheer in 2016, but I also had the opportunity to drive through Pilgrims Point, Mission Hills, Chowning Place and Haymarket Square and take in the holiday light displays. And it again solidified for me that Hethwood is the best neighborhood in Blacksburg. We also cannot forget to give a big thanks to all that came out to see Santa this year, we had another good turn out with about 50 residents at the event. A special thanks to those of you that remembered your donation of 2 non-perishable food items that will be donated to our local food bank benefiting residents in need here in Montgomery County. Last but not least, we would like to say thank you to HHHunt for their charitable donation to our food drive effort. HHHunt has agreed to donate .50 cents for every food item donated this holiday season benefiting residents here in Montgomery County.

The next meeting for the Hethwood Foundation Board of Directors will be Monday, January 23rd at noon. We have some wonderful changes on the slate for this upcoming year. We are very excited about the proposed enhancements to the amenities and common areas; please stay tuned for more details as each project approaches. Keep in mind that resident feedback is important and we need YOUR input; please join us for any Hethwood Foundation Board meeting.

Josh Sharitz, CMCA, NSPFI, CPSI, AFO
Hethwood Foundation Director