Neighborhood News

Satellite Dishes

The FCC allows for the residents of planned communities to install direct broadcast satellite dishes. Before installing any satellite dish, we request you complete a Notice of Intent to Install and Antenna. The form as well as information regarding installation size and location can be printed from the Hethwood website or picked up at the Hethwood office. Once this is filled with the Hethwood Foundation you are free to carry out installation, unless for some reason the size or location does not conform to applicable standards.

Hide your Can

Please be considerate of your neighbors! Garbage and trash receptacles must be neatly arranged with proper covers and located to minimize visibility. Empty trash receptacles must not be left at the curb overnight. According to the Town code, receptacles should be behind the front building line. Please see code section 20-203 through 20-207 for further details.

Take Proper Care with Your Dog

All dogs within the Town (includes Hethwood) must be on a leash when they are not on their owners property. Additionally, owners are required to clean up after their dogs, should the defecate on public or private property. It shall be unlawful for any owner of a dog to keep a dog without exercising proper care and control.

Annual Assessments

The Assessment due this year is $405.64 and it was due by May 1st 2019. The mail from CFM should’ve been received no later than April 1st 2019. If you do not receive your invoice by this date, please notify the Hethwood office as soon as possible to avoid incurring late fees. Please make certain that you have updated your mailing address with the Hethwood office to ensure the delivery of your assessment invoice. Checks should be made out to Hethwood Foundation.

The Town of Blacksburg Brush Collection

Brush collection service occurs in Blacksburg twice a year during SPRING and FALL CLEANUP. 

Please plan to take advantage of this service. To help us keep our community looking it’s best we encourage you to put brush out as close to the pickup date as possible. We suggest that you utilize a hidden area of your backyard if you are accumulating brush more than several weeks prior to the scheduled pickup date. See date below.

Residents can call the Town (961-1851) to arrange a special pick up for $65 a dump truck load. You may also haul your own brush to the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority in Christiansburg for a nominal fee. You may contract privately for brush removal. Composting (a neat pile in your back yard) is possible for small pieces.