Homeowner's Information

New To Hethwood?

If you are a new Hethwood homeowner, please contact the Hethwood Foundation Office to complete registration. This will enable your family to participate in Hethwood activities, use facilities, and receive timely information. This also helps us to insure that we have the proper information recorded such as the correct spelling of your name and/or the correct owners of record. If your property is a rental property, please ask us about the option of transferring privileges. The Hethwood amenities are a wonderful rental/sales tool and add value to your property. Please call (540) 552-5252. We look forward to hearing from you!

Important Disclosure Package Information

Please note, if you are selling your house/condo/townhouse you (the seller) are required to furnish the buyer with a disclosure package. The disclosure package includes important information regarding the Hethwood by-laws, exterior home and yard inspection, architectural standards, dues requirements, and other important information. Realtors often know this and request one on your behalf. Some realtors may not. It is the seller’s responsibility. If you are selling your home, please remember to request a disclosure package in writing from the Hethwood Foundation.

Haymarket Square owners must obtain a disclosure package from both the Hethwood Foundation (540-552-5252) $50.00, and Raines Property Management, Inc. (540-951-0000) cost $50.00. Likewise, Chowning Place owners must obtain a disclosure package from both the Hethwood Foundation (540-552-5252) $50.00 and Townside Property Management, Inc. (540-552-4000) cost $225.00 (electronic) or $250.00 (paper). A purchaser may cancel the contract if timely delivery of the association disclosure package is not completed. Please note that a Homeowner’s Association normally has 14 days from the date of request to make a disclosure package available. Requests to overnight or rush delivery rather than "you pick-up" will involve additional costs.

Hethwood Benefits and Services

Hethwood provides a varied number of benefits and services, which are designed to provide value to the community and maximize your investment. In an effort to keep our residents informed we have listed many of the items your Hethwood Foundation dues pays for:

The upkeep and maintenance of:


8 Tennis Courts (4 are lighted)
7 Playground Areas
2 Sand Volleyball Courts
Two Gazebos
2 Basketball Courts
Softball Field
Fitness Center

2 Sparkling Jr. Olympic Size Swimming Pools with Sundecks
2 Clubhouses Available for Rentals
Multiple Picnic Areas with Charcoal Grills
Practice Disc Golf Tee
Picturesque Pond with aerating Fountain
2 Pergola with regulation corn hole court
Over 5 Miles of Trails with Fitness Stations
Convenient Path to VA TECH

  • Staffing and supplies for recreational functions
  • Fitness classes/activities, including trained staff and equipment
  • Hethwood monthly newsletter, Architectural Standards and By-Laws, and office supplies
  • A website with up-to-date Hethwood news, important information and forms
  • Payroll/benefits for staff and third party accounting services
  • Legal advice and training in order to remain compliant with federal and state legislation.
  • Ongoing education for the Hethwood staff, including designation of the Hethwood Director as a Certified Manager of Community Associations and an Association Management Specialist
  • Real estate taxes/Insurance
  • Staffing and supplies for all mowing and landscaping completed in Hethwood common areas
  • Electricity and/or gas for amenities and community signs
  • Water and chemical consumption for swimming pools along with seasonal staffing
  • An American Red Cross certified Learn-to-Swim program during summer months
  • Enforcement of the Hethwood Foundation By-Laws and Architectural Standards throughout the community, including regular neighborhood inspections and follow up
  • Coordination of all Applications for Architectural Changes with the neighborhood Architectural Control Committees along with final approval or denial
  • Organization of all quarterly Hethwood Foundation Board of Directors meetings and the Annual Meeting of the Members in October
  • The Foundation compiles and maintains information to be included in Disclosure Packages and makes them available to Hethwood homeowners upon request. Current homeowners are legally required to provide the information to individuals purchasing their home. Reading the information serves to educate homeowners prior to their home purchase to understand and appreciate our community.
  • Ownership of Heritage Lane and East end of Mt. Vernon Lane

Staining or Painting a Home

Regular staining or painting maintains the exterior of a home, enhances its appearance, and protects one’s investment. If neglected, T-11 siding—for example—is both costly and time-consuming to replace. Regular staining or painting is far easier and cheaper. For those who have never undertaken this task or haven’t done so in a long time, the following briefly outlines the materials, surface preparation, and application of stain or paint needed to complete the task efficiently, effectively, and without breaking the budget. Download the pdf file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a collection of Frequently Asked Questions that you may be wondering about, too! Download the pdf file.

Parking in Foxridge

Parking in Foxridge Apartment Homes is reserved for Foxridge residents and their invited guests. Vehicles that are parked in the community illegally may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Property Maintenance

As a Hethwood homeowner, you are responsible for properly maintaining your lawn (yard) shrubbery and garden areas. This includes the timely removal of any dead trees or large dead branches. Dead trees often present a dangerous liability, not to mention that they are unsightly. If you have any dead trees, we ask that you have them removed as soon as possible.

Do You Have Unsightly Mold or Moss Growing On Your Roof?

Here’s a solution to help remedy that problem on a standard shingled roof. Mix 2 parts water to 1 part bleach in a spray mist bottle and simply spray the areas. Spray mist should keep the solution light enough so that it will not drip down on any plants or harm the grass etc. Check with the local hardware store for a copper flashing strip which can be added to your roof. The copper will oxidize and help to keep the mold from forming again. Hethwood can not be responsible for your results. Always test a small area first to check for desired results, and to be sure your shingles will tolerate bleach.

Home Occupation and Business Licenses in Hethwood

Please remember that any business operated out of a Hethwood property must be approved in writing by the Hethwood Foundation Board of Directors. This requirement can be found in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Hethwood Foundation, Inc. on page 20, under Article VII, Section 1: "No business or profession of any kind or nature shall be carried on or practiced in any residential structure without the express written consent of the Corporation". Please contact the Hethwood office for further details.

Are Your House Numbers Up To Code?

The Town of Blacksburg wants to remind Hethwood residents to make sure they have their addresses are placed in a position to be painly and visible from the street to assist emergency personnel. Questions?

Contact Greg Dudash, Property Maintenance Official at 540.961.1833 or gdudash@blacksburg.gov

According to the Virginia Maintenance Code 304.3 Premises Identification – Buildings shall have approved address numbers placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from street or road fronting the property. These numbers shall contrast with their background. Address numbers shall be Arabic numerals or Alphabet letters. Numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches (102mm) high with a minimum stroke width of 0.5 inches (12.77mm)

Before You Make Changes To Your Home

If you are planning to make any changes please note that according to the bylaws; an Architectural Committee shall approve or disapprove any additions or alterations to the building exteriors, including fences, walls, walks and any type of outbuilding. Please remember that an Application for Architectural Change/Addition must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee, as well as to the Hethwood Foundation for approval. Generally the process moves quickly, but one should allow for a 30-day approval process. Please contact the Hethwood office for this form or print one from our Documents page.

Please note: On Heather Drive, all lanes of traffic must come to a stop when the school bus is stopped for the purpose of taking on or discharging children, elderly, or mentally or physically disabled persons.