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Hethwood Residents - As a service to you, Hethwood offers you a space in each monthly newsletter (as space permits) to place your classified ads, FREE OF CHARGE! Please try to limit your ad to 10 lines-text only please. Just turn your ad in at the Hethwood office prior to the 13th of the month, to be placed in the following month's newsletter.

For more information, call the office at (540) 552-5252. You can also email your ad to info@hethwoodfoundation.com. Due to space limitations, we reserve the right to remove repeat ads as needed, to make space for new advertisements. Please be reminded to always check references for quality off work etc. as the Hethwood Foundation, Inc. can not assume these responsibilities.

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Please Note: Over the next few months we are going to begin to consolidate our newsletter into fewer pages thus reducing associated higher printing and postage costs. This will be done in phases to allow us the opportunity to transition and move repeated monthly items to our website so residents can access anytime. Our plan is to move the classifieds page to the website.